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Write everything to your lover, whenever you want

Why Write?

Share what's on your mind

With Write you can write every kind of message to your lover, at any time of the day. It doesn't matter if it's something really serious, a funny joke or just what you are doing at the moment. Everything you feel like is right.

Talk whenever you want

Your lover doesn't need to be online to send him or her a message. So you can really send the things you want to tell or ask whenever it pops up

Time to think

Your lover will only see the message after you pressed the send button. This means you'll have some time to review your message and check if you really choose the right words for your message.

Awesome intimacy

We promise you, it's super good to share a lot when you are far away from each other! Share what you are doing, even when it's boring. Share how you are feeling, even when you think it's not important and ask whatever you want, even when you think it's stupid. In this way you will create a awesome feeling of intimacy in your relationship

Only when YOU want it

With Write you can choose to answer your messages at the time you feel like it. You can take some time to think about the perfect answer, question or story.

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Connect with your lover.



Talk with your lover about whatever you want.