Welcome to Time

Never stop talking

Why Time?

Always together

With Time you can have conversations with the voice of your lover. Even when he/she's not available

Learning from you

Time uses artificial intelligence to make it possible to talk with your lover when he/she is not available. It records your Talk and See conversations and creates a library from the words you say. That library is used in Time to talk with. Time will not only have the voice of your partner. It also talks in the same way as your lover.

Stop worrying about time difference

When your lover is living in a different time zone you always have to spend a part of your day alone because your lover is still sleeping. With Time you can just keep on talking, so you don't have to miss him/her in the hours he/she is sleeping.

What does it look like



Connect with your lover



Select the sources for the library and see what's already complete



Select a theme and start talking.