Welcome to Talk

There is only one sound that actually sounds like love, and that's the sound of your lover's voice. 

Why Talk?

Real time interaction

With talk you can have audio conversations just like you normally have, even while miles apart. 

Talk as long as you want

You can use your mobile network to talk with your lover but you can also use your wifi, in this way you never have to worry about how long you are talking.

Create special memories

Discover how special the memories are you create when the only thing you hear is his or her voice. 

Share everything

Just let everything go, tell him or her everything you did, thought and felt. You will discover how intimate it feels to really share everything, even the boring things.

Use your imagination

With Talk you are only sending and receiving audio, which means you can use your full imagination on what it looks like on the other side of the line. 

What does it look like



Connect with your lover



The menu shows you your lover and his or her local time. Her you can choose if you want to call using your phone network or by using your wifi



Let's start talking