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Sleeping alone sucks

Why Sleep?

Sleeping alone sucks

When you close your eyes, it's just like you are sleeping together. Sleep records you while you're sleeping. In this way you can listen to the sound of your lover while you're sleeping


A good start of the day

Nothing beats a personal good morning message from your lover. Sleep lets you record a personal good morning message, everyday when you wake up. While your alarm clock is ringing you will receive the message from your lover. 


Feel at peace

Experience how much the soft snorring sound of your lover can make you feel at peace.


Live or on demand

Sleep offers the possibilty to have a live sound connection with your lover. But no worries if the time difference is to big. You can also listen to the sounds of the night before.


What does it look like



Connect with your lover


Set Alarm clock

See the sleeping details of your lover, set your alarm clock and start recording your sleep



Sleep tight while listening to the sounds of your lover sleeping


Good morning

Leave a good morning video message, he/she'll love it!