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Why Share?

Share your live

If you would live close to each other you would share a lot of moments together. Since you are living on the other side of the world and can share those moments together, it's very good to share your individual moments with him or her.

Share everything

Share really shares everything. Your lover will always be up to date of what you are doing at the moment.

You don't have to do anything

Share shares a picture every hour when you hold your phone straight. You probably won't even notice it, cause it's happening while you are doing something else.

The real story

Because Share makes a picture automatically, you don't have the change to stage anything. Your lover will always receive the real story.

Detailed information

With share you can't only see a picture of what he/she is doing. You can even see at what time and at what place he/she is doing.

What does it look like



Connect with your lover



See the pictures made by your lover's Share app.



See the details of the picture. You can see the time and the exact location.