Welcome to Sex

It's too good to miss it

Why Sex?

It's important, so don't miss it

Sex is pretty important for a healthy relationship. That's why we believe distance shouldn't make it impossible to have it. Not being physically together doesn't mean you can't have the same feeling of intimacy as with real sex. 

It's safe

You can only open Sex using your personal code. In this way you don't risk other people looking around in your digital sex life. We also pixelate pixels, so you can make sure you are really alone before a penis or a boob pops up on your screen.

Only when you want to

If your partner wants to use Sex he/she has to send a Sex request. You can accept or decline. In this way your partner can't start having digital sex with you when are not up to it.

Everything together

With Sex you can choose to send a message, share a picture, start a video call and you can even make a wishlist with sexy fantasies. Everyting is at one place. Pretty easy don't you think?

What does it look like



Type your code and connect with your lover

sex request


Accept or Decline



Choose your way of sex



Send a sexy picture



Put one of your fantasies on the wish list. Maybe he/she will like it.