Welcome to Kiss

Feel the buzzing of your lover's lips

Why Kiss?

Video calling with an extra dimension

Kiss has all the amazing features of a video call but also a feature to kiss each other. How cool is that?!

Almost like your touching his/her lips for real

With Kiss you can have a video call app but if you touch the screen with your lips at the same time at the same place, your phone will start buzzing. You will be amazed how real it feels.


No matter where you are

As long as you have internet, you have the possibility to kiss. 

Super easy

Kissing has never been this easy! Just touch the screen with your lips and it's done!

What does it look like



Connect with your lover.



See your lover. Press the button if you want to start kissing.



You are now calling your lover.



Video call with your lover. When you want to kiss him/her, just touch the screen with your lips at the same time.