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Don't let distance stop the fighting

Why Fight?

Your lover is annoying

Believe it or not, even your lover is annoying. But because he/she is so far away, you don't see all the annoying stuff. That's why Fight is showing it to you.

Keep it realistic

Every relationship has to deal with a Fight sometimes, it's normal. At Fight we know it's a lot harder to get in a fight when miles apart, so we help you a little


What's annoying for one, isn't a deal for someone else. That's why you can personalise Fight. Before you start we want you to tell us what you find really annoying. Now we know what we have to tell you. 


We know you love to come up with all the old stuff he/she ever did, when you're in a Fight. That's why we keep track of your lover's annoying history, so you don't have to remember it yourself anymore.

It has never been this easy

It has never been this easy to start a fight. Just click one button and start it!

What does it look like



Connect with your lover



Select what annoys you the most.


Push messages

Fight sends a pushmessage whenever your lover does something annoying


Most recent

See his or her most recent annoying action



Check out the annoying history of your lover