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Why Discuss?

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We know you tell your lover "I love you" "I miss you" or what you are doing. But sometimes it's very good to tell your partner a bit more. Like your views and opinions about the world. 

Disagreeing is good

It's impossible to agree about everything. Even your lover and you will disagree about some topics. Don't ignore that but embrace it instead. As long you can talk about it there is nothing wrong with disagreeing. That's where Discuss comes in.

A new topic every day

Can't come up with a topic to discuss about? No worries! Discuss offers you brand new topics everytime you use the app. 

Learn from each other

You don't always have to win a discussion, sometimes you can just learn from someone elses points of view and take that as your win.

Time to think

Discuss is a text message based app, which means you don't have to answer directly. You can just all the time you need to come with the perfect come-back!

What does it look like



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Choose a subject from the menu. Discuss will offer you new topics every time you open the app.



We give you the statement, now it's up to you to start discussing.