Welcome to Cry

You are not alone

Why Cry?

Just clear

We know it can be hard to see how someone is feeling when you are only in touch with your phone. We also know it can be hard to tell your lover you're feeling sad. That's why Cry makes it easier for you. Just press the button and your lover will receive a notification that you're crying. 

Share sad times

When in a relationship it's important to share the good times but at least as important to share the bad/sad times. Cry is helping you with that.

Does he/she really care?

We don't make any decision for your lover. We just let him/her know you're crying. Now it's up to him or her to get in touch with you. 

super easy

Cry makes sharing sad times super easy. You can let him/her know you're crying with just one click on the button and with only one button your lover can get in touch. 

What does it look like



Connect with your lover



Let him/her know you're crying.


Push messages

Cry just sends you a push message whenever your lover is crying.



Decide if and how you want to get in touch with your lover.