Welcome to Awkward

Be dirty

Why Awkward?

Be yourself

Isn't it awesome to be your complete self with someone? Including your burps and farts? 

No surprises

It's really easy to hide your burps and farts while you are on the other side of the world. So it can be a unpleasant surprise when you are reunited and all of a sudden your lover is farting all the time. With Awkward you already know, so no more unpleasant surprises for you.

Feel loved

It's so good to know someone loves you so much he/she doesn't even care about your disgusting side. 

It doesn't stink

Unfortunately, but happily for you it's not yet possible to smell something through your phone. You won't smell any of his/her burps and farts, you just know he/she did.

What does it look like



Connect with your lover



The menu shows you your lover and his or her local time. Her you can choose if you want to call using your phone network or by using your wifi



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