About the Long Distance Love Store

Long Distance Love Store questions the way we shape relationships when we are not able to be together physically. Because of the possibility to share everything with your lover 24/7, apps like Whatsapp and Skype give you a feeling of intimacy. In the meanwhile more and more applications are being designed to create intimacy between couples who are not physically together. But is this really working? Are you really in a relationship with your lover or are you maybe in a relationship with your phone? Do you, in the end, still recognize him or her?

About the artist

Jan Waatze Schuurman Hess is a designer of fun stuff. Astonishment, amazement and burning questions are the motivation for his works in which also sensitive subjects are not being avoided. Jan Waatze translates his subjects and/or stories in a surprising way and reshapes the expectations of his audience.  Jan Waatze's works are not directly a representation of his own opinions but they create a space in which everyone has the posibillity to shape his/her own opinion, created with the help of humour and interaction.